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Our Process

Our process, The Vision Advocate ExperienceTM, is to create the time and space necessary for a "thinking environment," where we can collaborate with you to forge solutions for your concerns and facilitate the implementation.

Whether you are a business owner, physician, or personal client, we will take you through two distinct phases of thinking and planning for your future.

The "Discovery & Planning Phase" allows you to define your vision, and identify your risks and opportunities. It consists of three steps:


You will achieve clarity about what you want. Nothing is more important than this conversation.

Your Place of Most Potential™

We work with you to find the unique and promising opportunities that represent your future vision.

Advisor Connection™

The Advisor Connection allows your existing advisors to join in taking the time to understand your vision of the future. We bring all of your advisors into the same room where you share your vision.

The "Action & Implementation Phase" allows you to execute your vision. It consists of three steps:

Vision Graphic
  1. Your Ideal Solution™ The Ideal Solution is the most cost-effective, long-term strategy for taking your existing resources, putting them into action, and moving you towards your stated vision of the future.
  2. Your First Move™ Your first move is the "ground-breaking" step in your strategic plan.
  3. Review & Beyond™ Once your plan is set in motion, we stay involved via updates and review conversations.